How much does a stage invaders musical cost?

Prices start from just £25 and include all the musical and scripted elements as well as the full performance licence.

what is included?

The manuscript (including props list, costume suggestions, character notes, staging and speaking parts broken down by number of lines spoken), the songs (including backing tracks and high quality recordings with vocals to learn from), lyrics sheets and performance licence. 

do i get sheet music?

No. Stage Invaders plays are designed to be performed using only the backing tracks rather than with a live band, therefore sheet music is not supplied. 

i usually teach using sheet music, can i request copies for this purpose?

At present we cannot offer sheet music in any format. If demand for this service increases we will look to incorporate it in the coming months, but at present, to keep costs to you as low as possible, we only supply the vocal versions of the songs, along with comprehensive lyric sheets from which to learn.

can i purchase a stage invaders musical for my local theatre group?

Of course. Stage Invaders was created to fill a gap in the school performance market, but we would love to see our shows performed as often and as diversely as possible. If you want a show, go ahead (and please send us photos of your performance, we love to see our plays coming to life).

why do you only have a small selection of plays?

We are committed to quality. The only way we can be assured of giving you the best is by working on every element of a performance ourselves. Others offer quantity, but we guarantee that the quality of our shows will have your young performers feeling like genuine stars.

i have written a musical, can i distribute it through stage invaders?

We welcome submissions from aspiring/established writers and will look at anything sent to us. For consideration please send your manuscript along with three song samples to hello@stageinvaders.org. 

Please note that to be successful your production must align with our mission statement. We do not talk down to children and we want them to feel that when they take the stage they are becoming stars.