Top 5 Kids Halloween Films

It's almost Halloween and you know what that means; way too many sweets (like that's an issue) and the house filled with fake cobwebs and pumpkin innards. 

When you've been out Trick or Treating, and you're looking for the perfect film to keep you busy as you chow down, check out the below list and prepare yourself for a spooky good time. 

5. Monster House


When you’re growing up, there’s always a story about a spooky house nearby, whether it’s on your street or on the other side of town. Rumours spread through schools and it becomes the ultimate dare to go inside such a scary building.

In Monster House the house is right opposite where the kids live, and the reason it’s so scary is because the local stories suggest an old man living there who ate his wife! Cue an investigation by our heroes that takes a turn for the creepy!

This animated gem from 2006 is a great film to curl up under a blanket and get scared silly to. Just don’t go it alone. Mwah ha ha!

4. Goosebumps


Based on the R.L Stein book series of the same name, this film imagines that Stein’s characters end up coming to life and terrorising the town! Although Goosebumps was only released in 2015, it has a nostalgic feel to it, very much along the lines of 1980s adventure movies. So you can be sure that children and adults alike will thoroughly enjoy it. It also has a great comedy turn by the inimitable Jack Black as R.L Stein himself.

3. Paranorman


Definitely the best looking film on this list. Paranorman is a stop motion animated film that crams in tonnes of nods and homages to the classic horror films it riffs on.

The story centres on Norman, who can see dead people, but not in a scary way, more in the same way you see people you know in the street. He chats with them and watches TV with them. It’s all fine and dandy, until a dark force comes back from the grave. Norman and his friends must stop the evil before it’s too late!

2. The Monster Squad


One of the most underappreciated films of the 1980s. This incredible adventure takes some of its tone from The Goonies (in that its heroes are bunch of young misfits desperate for adventure), but has a premise all of its own.

In a small American town, the most famous Halloween monsters come together to bring about the end of days. Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Mummy and Gill-man (the creature from the swamp) are on a rampage, and it falls to a few savvy pre-teens to stop them.

This one is so much fun for audiences of all ages, and reminds us that back in the 80s, filmmakers were more willing to offer proper scares to children, respecting their ability to handle them, and more importantly, to enjoy them.

1. Ghostbusters (1984)


Not only the best Halloween film, but also one of the greatest films of all time! This is a Stage Invaders favourite, with the team here having been brought up watching it regularly, and finding that it offers very different experiences when watching as a child, to watching it again as a grown-up. For the former, it’s a spooky adventure thriller, for the latter it’s a genius high concept dead-pan comedy.

Whichever way you see it, just see it this Halloween!