Our Third Musical is on the Way

We take a long time over each of our productions because we want to ensure you get the very best script and set of songs to excite your young performers. That's why until recently we only offered two productions for you to buy. But that is about to change.

Our third musical, which is called Things That Go Bump, is in production and will hopefully be released at the start of April. The show is aimed at performers aged between 9 and 14, and will work very well as an upper KS2 or lower KS3 end of year production.


What's it About?

The story is a whodunnit with supernatural elements, which sees a small town experiencing an unexplained increase in things going bump in the night. This culminates in two local children being visited by beings from another dimension, and expensive items like jewellery being stolen from the house. 

It is up to these children, with the help of their parents and the local chief of police, to find out the truth, which is even weirder than they could possibly imagine.

The show includes key themes and messages around inclusion, and of not judging a book by its cover. It will run at approximately 60 minutes long and contains 7 songs which are all being written and produced in our signature style (i.e. catchy pop and rock songs).

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