Come Together, Right Now

We thought for a long time about what the first news item on this brand spanking new Stage Invaders website should be, and it took a browse through YouTube to make it obvious.

Musical theatre is all about people coming together. The idea to put on a show starts small, with maybe one or two people deciding on a play to perform. That seed of an idea needs a crew of tens, maybe even hundreds of people to grow into a glorious, all singing all dancing tree.

There’s the cast of performers of course, then the stage crew, musical director, choreographer, makeup and costume department, chorus, marketing and promotions team and then there’s the most essential of all the pieces; an audience!

What this clearly proves to us is that great art takes collaboration, and that when a huge group of people come together, the end result is always incredible. Yes it’s possible to make iconic art, music, film, performance alone. But there’s a great power in numbers. There’s a collective belief and enthusiasm which you can feel in the air. And when that happens it’s like magic.

So how did YouTube prove this to us? Well, we came across a video in which 1000 musicians got together to perform a cover of Nirvana’s most famous song, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and it blew us away.

This is the feeling we’re looking to capture when schools and theatre groups perform our musicals. That’s why we ensure that our songs rock.

If you are looking for an exciting piece of musical theatre to get everybody amped up, visit the Musicals page of our site and check out sample scripts and songs for all our productions.