Things That Go Bump Behind The Scenes

We are all about the DIY approach here at Stage Invaders HQ. Just like when you are putting on a production at your school or theatre group and you are coming up with ingenious ways to create sets and props, we too are always on the lookout for ways to style our shows with things we can find and forage.

Our latest musical - Things That Go Bump - is due for release in April, and we wanted to create some cover art that would be as unique and fun as the show's content. We looked for inspiration online but thought all the images we came across were a bit too serious and scary! So we did what anyone would do; we bought a miniature bed and wardrobe, got hold of some monster puppets and used the baseboard from an old chest of drawers to create a wall covered in old wallpaper.

Setting up the Photo Shoot

Contrary to popular belief, the world of showbiz is not all glitz and glamour. And sometimes you find yourself crawling on your chest on a bedroom floor to adjust a shot filled with finger puppets and tiny furniture. Here is Stage Invaders Founder and Director James angling a particularly difficult and camera shy green monster.

ThingsThatGoBump Setup1

Fortunately not all of the stars were so difficult, and the next image, of an excitable blue monster, will melt your heart. It's nice when they're happy to be there. Give him a wave back if you'd like.

ThingsThatGoBump Setup2

The Result

One of life's truths is that persistence pays off. So even though we spent nearly 2 hours crawling on our bellies, wrestling with spotlights, experimenting with flashes, breaking a ceiling light and having our tiny bed fall apart on numerous occasions we got the shot we wanted in the end.

You can read all about Things That Go Bump on our Musicals page, where you can also view our other great shows. We hope this inspires you to go out and make something unique from bits and bobs. We promise it's lots of fun!