Meet the Team - Joe Bothamley

"It takes a village to raise a child", so goes the famous saying. Well Stage Invaders productions are a little bit like children. They start out small, needing lots of care and attention, and every so often they seem like they need their nappy changing (in a figurative sense). 

So to ensure our children are raised properly we need a great team of people - the Stage Invaders Village - to bring them to life in style. Over the next few weeks we'll be introducing some of our key contributors, so you can get to know the faces behind the voices.

First up is Joe Bothamley

Joe Bothamley 1

Who is Joe?

Joe is a musician who started playing drums around the same time he was being potty trained. And whilst starting drums at 13 years-of-age might seem old to some, to Joe it made total sense. Only joking of course. He actually can't play drums at all. 

So now we've got the terrible jokes out of the way we can introduce Joe properly. Joe is a world-class drummer and creative musician, who has played in numerous high profile bands and toured the length and breadth of the UK. Most recently Joe drummed for a stadium style rock group called Kasiuss, in which he also performed a vast array of complex backing vocals. If you've ever tried to drum and sing at the same time you'll know how ridiculously hard that is.

Growing up Joe was obsessed with Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it is the love of this insane, gothic-tinged musical that makes Joe such a great Stage Invaders team member. If you need a character with an over-the-top voice, Joe is your man. And you can hear his voice on songs such as Bored of Space and Blasting Off in Planet Power, and There is Not There is Too and Conspiracy Theorists in Things That Go Bump

Joe recording his vocals in character as Ellis from Things That Go Bump

Joe recording his vocals in character as Ellis from Things That Go Bump

We hope you enjoy listening to Joe's performances as much as we enjoy recording them. One of the key points of the Stage Invaders mission is to give young people songs that rock. And with Joe on board, achieving that mission is practically guaranteed!