Christmas Musical Mood Board

Yeah yeah, it's only April, just what the heck do we think we're doing talking about Christmas when some folks are still chowing down on their supply of Easter eggs? Well we're sorry, but when you're in the business of creating musicals, Christmas can come at any time. 

We're just now in the process of putting together our first ever Christmas musical, which is going to be a totally original story; not based on existing tales or fables. We want to give schools something completely different to help them celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. So pen has been set to paper and the story and songs are underway.

What might surprise you is the setting for our Christmas show. It's set in a swamp you see. Maybe that sounds a bit murky, sticky, even smelly. But hey, they celebrate Christmas in the swamp too you know! And swamps are known to be filled with some of the wildest and wackiest characters around. 

So we wanted, at this early stage of the process, to share with you our mood board which is inspiring and informing our creative process. Some of these pictures are location ideas, others are clues to what will happen in the story. So take a peak and have a guess at what we're cooking up. We'll have more updates as the show's production progresses, so stay tuned.