Singing 'Til The Cows Come Home

We're very excited to announce that our fourth musical has gone into production. We received some great feedback from local schools suggesting that a story based in a rural setting would appeal to many villages and smaller towns. So we had a thinking session and were inspired to create a story that highlights all the great things to do with farming, whilst also talking about the wider issues of conservation and the importance of our natural environment.

Of course we also wanted to have a lot of silly fun too, and that's what led us to our story.

Milk It

Cow Photo Bomb


Milk It is a 50-60 minute musical aimed at upper KS2 and lower KS3 performers, and would make a fantastic end of year show for Year 6 students readying themselves to transition into secondary education. 

It tells the story of Farmer Joe and his family, who are the greatest farmers in the land, producing the very best fresh goods. But because of rising costs they have got into debt and face being evicted from their home. As if that wasn't bad enough, a villainous company CEO called Victor Snide wants to level their farm and turn it into a factory which will pollute the local air. There's only one solution, and that is for Farmer Joe's son Jack to prove his worth at the national milking championships. If Jack can milk his cow Beryl at record speed to take first prize, he wins £100,000 and could put an end to all their worries. But Jack is in danger from evil Victor, and it will take the skills of the whole family, including Jack's sister Bella and their mum Brenda, to make sure they don't succumb to sabotage. 

This hugely fun show includes a supporting cast of weird and wonderful characters, including a muscle bound milking champion, a sports manager who aspires to be Don King, a greasy bureaucrat who has a policy for everything, and a whole town's worth of people from builders to butchers to hairdressers and publicans. The stage will be filled with songs and silliness, whilst also teaching the values of friendship, teamwork and conservation.

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