Why No Nativity?

Our first Christmas musical has been released and is available for you to perform in your primary school or local theatre group. It’s a totally original story, which sets Christmas in a swamp filled with the most bizarre mix of characters you could ever hope to meet.

Never Seen Christma

You might be wondering why we didn’t take the safe option, and create our own take on the classic nativity story. After all, this seems like the bread and butter choice for a school musicals company who wants to see their work performed by as many children as possible. But the answer is simple. Safe is not us.

One of our primary goals as an organisation is to always provide unique experiences for the young actors, stage hands and musicians getting involved with our shows. That starts with the stories we tell. They have to be something completely new, otherwise we risk boring both the cast and the audience. You wouldn’t go to the cinema to watch the same film over and over again, so why keep staging the same plays every year?

For many it’s a question of values, and of how to convey the true meaning of Christmas, at a time when the media is forcing capitalist ideals down our throats; priming children to think only of gifts. That’s totally understandable.

Christmas in the Swamp Front Cover.jpg

But you can find all of these values; subjects like faith, love and humanity, in other stories than the nativity. Our show Christmas in the Swamp is all about people coming together to celebrate the strength of a diverse community, to recognise and appreciate each other’s differences, and to make Christmas a time for selflessness and sharing. It does all of this whilst giving young people the chance to sing awesome songs that traverse genres from pop to hip hop, and rock to theatrical.

A show like this guarantees children an experience they will never forget, and that means they will also carry with them the important messages that made up the story they performed.

That’s why we didn’t just recreate the nativity, or rehash it in a modern setting, or write it with some clever new twist. We wanted to bring something new this Christmas, and that is exactly what we have done.