Songs to Make you Unstoppable

In the middle of January we shared this article from The Guardian, which talked about ways to improve the well-being of teachers. This was a great piece, full of handy tips like getting up an hour earlier each day to practice some mindfulness, using an efficient lesson planning tool to reduce time spent, and shaking the hand of each of your pupils at the start of the day.

Whilst these are all helpful tips, we couldn’t help but notice that there was no mention of music on the list of things to try. It got us thinking.

Music is the best medicine

Have you ever noticed how music can change or reinforce your mood in an instant? Of course you have. It’s why big bodybuilders listen to heavy metal when they’re lifting weights; why people who’ve been dumped listen to sad songs; why when you’re driving and a pounding beat plays you find yourself flooring the accelerator.


Music has more power over us than we often give it credit for. So when it comes to starting your day right, alongside mindfulness activities, why not set yourself up for a belter of a day by listening to a rejuvenating, inspiring and totally motivating playlist?

Our Playlist

So we’ve compiled a list of songs we think will do you a world of good as you prepare to start the day. By the way, this works for teachers and non-teachers alike, so whether you’re getting ready to face down 35 students, or a boardroom of 35 co-workers, this will set you right.