Jacqueline Frost - Our second Christmas musical

It might be summer, but we are very excited here at Stage Invaders HQ, to announce the release of our second Christmas musical, Jacqueline Frost.

Jacqui Frost Main Image V2.jpg

Jacqueline Frost is a 45 to 55 minute production featuring 8 all new and original songs, and would work as a Christmas show for either upper KS2 or lower KS3 performers.

The Story

Winter has long been a playground for Jack Frost, who loves to play mischievous pranks on everyone and cause frozen misery all around. After years of naughtiness Jack is ready to retire, and hand the job over to his daughter Jacqueline. The problem is that Jacqueline doesn't want her father's legacy. She is a nice person, who only wants to do good in the world. But if there's nobody to be a Frost, then winter will be gone, and so will Christmas. We'd all better hope Jacqui's group of very special friends (including Santa's daughter, the Easter Bunny's niece and the Tooth Fairy's grandson), can help her save the season.

Samantha Claus.jpg

Staging Notes

There are 30 speaking roles on offer, though this number can easily be reduced or increased as needed, and in fact there are lines which can be assigned to the chorus, so everybody in the whole school can have a line if you want!

It’s also very easy to stage, with key scenes needing only minimal dressing and props so that you can run the show smoothly with minimum time given to scene changeovers.

Key Themes

At Stage Invaders we strive to incorporate lots of themes and messages in our musicals, which relate to your learning objectives. Jacqueline Frost is no exception. The key themes for our latest musical are:

  • Christmas
  • Family
  • Friendship
  • Empathy
  • School
  • Winter
  • Weather
  • Diversity
  • Seasons
  • Being Yourself
  • What Next?

If you want to find out more about the show, including listening to song samples, reading an extract of the script, and purchasing it to perform in your school or theatre group, click HERE.

It’s never too early to get your Christmas show in place, even if it is 30 degrees outside and you’re sat on a beach with an ice cream.