Getting Historical

Since we launched in 2017, we’ve been seeking feedback from schools about what kind of topics they’d like to see covered in the theatrical productions they choose to perform. What’s become clear to us is that more and more schools are craving shows which feature historical stories and themes, to compliment topics being taught in the classroom.

So in 2019 we are proud to release two new year-end musicals, which both feature a famous piece of history at their heart, and which will support the learning of children and young people in a way which is a ton of fun.

When in Rome?

First up we have When in Rome? – A time travel story which sees a family from the present day, sent back through a portal to ancient Rome, where they meet famous characters such as Ceasar, Hercules, the famous philosopher Virgil and all the Roman gods. The family learns all about the true history of Rome, whilst doing their best to find a way home before it’s too late!

The Last Viking

Also available for purchase is a Viking musical which tells the tale of an ancient Viking warrior found frozen in ice and thawed back to life by scientists. The newly reanimated Norseman explains all about the Vikings; how they lived, worked and fought, and the audience gets to see it all through a series of incredible flashback scenes filled with songs, axes and the best beards you’ve ever seen. Welcome to the world of The Last Viking!

Getting it Right

Whilst of course being very silly and enjoyable to perform, we are proud to state that both of these musicals are historically accurate, and will contribute to your ongoing lesson planning and topic coverage of both ancient Rome and/or Viking history.

Both shows are available on our Musicals page right now, and are just £35 each (including scripts, staging notes, songs and performance licence).

If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our shows, please email