It’s our mission to get more young people enthusiastic about the discipline of performance. We know that if they are part of something special, it will inspire them to do great things in the future.

Why we're here

The world needs more original productions that truly challenge and excite children and young adults.

Stage Invaders was formed to aid this, by offering songs which sound like contemporary music, and scripts that aren’t afraid to challenge inexperienced actors to reach great heights.

what makes us different?

We make the process of buying a performance simpler and cheaper. With us you pay one fee. There are no hidden costs, and included in our pricing is your full performance licence fee. Once you’ve placed your order you have a stunning show with all the songs, backing tracks and scripts, and no extra hassle. It’s also a lower cost than you’re most likely used to, so you’re getting more for less. It’s a total no-brainer!

We also ensure to include lots of themes and lessons in our productions which link directly to objectives you will be planning to cover in your lessons either prior to or during the rehearsal period of the play. This helps you engage your performers further as they take on a wider experience as part of the show.

We had children who have never auditioned for a play before coming forward to be in this. We were blown away with the quality of the songs and script.
— Louise White - Head Teacher Moorside Junior School


the 5 rules of every stage invaders production

  1. No talking down to children - Scripts should not be afraid to challenge children's acting ability.

  2. The songs must rock - Too much children's theatre is based on songs that sound like nursery rhymes, but contemporary kids want to sound like their musical idols. Stage Invaders songs emulate modern music to rectify this.

  3. Parents must love them too - Taking cues from storytellers like Pixar and Laika, the productions must be full of jokes and twists that will appeal to all age groups.

  4. Wow factor - People will talk about the show for weeks afterwards.

  5. Lasting impression - The performers will be inspired to pursue more music/drama based activities.